Ethletic Trainers

This may look like a Converse shoe, but it’s actually an Ethletic.

Now I would usually have qualms about the copy-cat nature of this, but these shoes have some serious credidentials worth taking into consideration.

They’re made of Fairtrade and organic cotton, and the soles are Fairtrade and FSC rubber, and they are assembled in Pakistan where the workers are payed a Fairtrade premium. This pays for health and welfare fascilities they would otherwise be living without. They’re vegan friendly, very soft, and have supporting arches for your feet, making them lovely and comfortable.

For something that ethical, I’d be expecting to drop my purse in horror when I see the price, but they’re only £45.

I’m kind of surprised there isn’t some kind of copy right thing about them looking literally the same as a well known brand. But at least there’s no doubt about the consumer popularity of the design?…

You can read about and buy Ethletic shoes here:



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