Sustainable Bhutan

Hello everybody! This evening as I was browsing Facebook after a huge portion of pasta, I came across some astounding news. Sustainable Man posted this article which says that Bhutan is set to go 100% organic! I must confess I didn’t even know what Bhutan was until now, but a quick research session informs me … Continue reading

Cool things

Vertical Veg

I’m loving this picture from Occupy Wall Street’s facebook page – it shows there really is no space too small for some green-fingered biological miracles. When I move to Brighton (so unbelievably excited) the flat I’m renting doesn’t have a garden but it does have a large outside-ey windowsill and I’m planning to grow kitchen herbs … Continue reading

Cool things

Fresh young innovation and electricity-free fridges

Hey. Good morning! Today I came across this brilliant article by Permaculture magazine… Take a look: It’s about this young sustainable designer called Emily Cummins (link to her website) who has come up with the design for a fridge that doesn’t require electricity but instead runs off of the evaporation of dirty water. (See … Continue reading

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Rio+20 – The Optimist and the Cynic

As I’ve been reading about the Sustainable Development Conference outlined in my last post, I’ve been thinking that it seems almost too good to be true. I’ve read the Zero Draft document, and a report entitled Green Economies to Green Societies, plus information provided on the official website. They talk of creating green, equitable and … Continue reading