Supply & Demand and Demand & Supply

People like shifting blame. There’s a famous psychological study that suggests that the more people witness a victim in distress, the less likely any one onlooker is to do anything. This is because everyone’s thinking ‘’someone else will do something’’. Hmm… Dangerous. A similar thing happens on a much broader scale with all sorts of … Continue reading


Cool things

In Transition 2.0

Last night I went to a film screening of In Transition 2.0, a sequel to the original Transition documentary film. As you would imagine, it documents the progress of the Transition movement since that time, and shows initiatives from around the world in various stages of ‘transitioning’. The Transition Network describes it thus: “In Transition 2.0 is … Continue reading

Cool things

Fresh young innovation and electricity-free fridges

Hey. Good morning! Today I came across this brilliant article by Permaculture magazine… Take a look: It’s about this young sustainable designer called Emily Cummins (link to her website) who has come up with the design for a fridge that doesn’t require electricity but instead runs off of the evaporation of dirty water. (See … Continue reading