Look at the Sky

Look at the sky. Doesn’t it fill you with over-whelming human-ness? You fully realise how Earth-bound you are, looking up at the heavens. Yes, we’ve been to the Moon. That was a very big achievement and it’s not exactly like we go there everyday. Moreover, the spacemen that went up there allegedly came back with … Continue reading




In my last post, I wrote about cute ‘product image’ and use of humour making green products more lovable and successful. And of course you can’t really talk about this cutesy friendly style of marketing without mentioning who brought it to popularity: Innocent Smoothies. I love Innocent smoothies. They have adorable ingredients lists reassuring the … Continue reading


Bright green and rolling in it

There’s this bizarre thing where all too often you see really ethical innovative things that just aren’t that successful because their marketing, packaging, advertising and general PR just aren’t very good. It’s really annoying. I think it’s because they’re run by people who have admirable passion but little business skill. Anyway, here are my favourite … Continue reading


Eco-friendly Tesco? Really?

So as I said, I wanted to find out more about my approaching megastore, and after some googling I found this article. Take a read: Hmm. They fact that they’re saying they’ll have a rainwater harvesting system and double glazing and etc clearly shows times are changing, and that’s a great sign. Even a … Continue reading