”Triple Bottom Lines” for Companies

Some businesses make lots of money while doing really bad stuff, such as exploiting people and causing pollution. Some businesses make lots of money while doing some good things, often by having some kind of foundation linked to the company. And some businesses make money by doing good things, such as Ecotricity, for example. This … Continue reading


Cool things

Sign to end fossil fuel subsidies! Click the above link to sign an incredibly important, indeed vital, petition. Basically the world’s governments outrageously give out roughly a trillion pounds per year to the big oil and coal companies that are driving us towards runaway unstoppable climate chaos. President Obama apparently wants to end this and is chairing a meeting in … Continue reading

Cool things

Story of Stuff

Have you heard of the Story of Stuff? It’s a friendly animated-documentary about the unfriendly issue of consumerism and unsustainable production. Narrated by Annie Leonard and produced in 2007, it’s a fantastically accessible way to learn a lot as the information is presented in a light hearted way with cute animations. It’s free to watch and share, so … Continue reading