Why Technology Isn’t Our Magic Bullet
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Why Technology Isn’t Our Magic Bullet

I’ve just finished reading Supply Shock by Brian Czech and I’m going to give you a summary of what I’ve learned. Basically after reading Enough is Enough by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill (see this post) I was desperate to get my hands on another book that would flesh out the steady state concept even more. … Continue reading



Postgrowth Business Models

This is another post along the post-growth vein, please read We’ve had Enough Growth for some background on this. Subject for this evening: business models. We’re used to two major business models in the West today: corporations and private companies. Corporations are legally obliged to maximise profit margins for shareholders above all other concerns. Shareholders … Continue reading

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Rio+20 – The Optimist and the Cynic

As I’ve been reading about the Sustainable Development Conference outlined in my last post, I’ve been thinking that it seems almost too good to be true. I’ve read the Zero Draft document, and a report entitled Green Economies to Green Societies, plus information provided on the official website. They talk of creating green, equitable and … Continue reading