Look at the Sky

Look at the sky.

Doesn’t it fill you with over-whelming human-ness? You fully realise how Earth-bound you are, looking up at the heavens.

Yes, we’ve been to the Moon. That was a very big achievement and it’s not exactly like we go there everyday. Moreover, the spacemen that went up there allegedly came back with deep and newfound respect for their home planet. The famous photographs of the far-away, life-giving blue and green sphere helped to kick-start the environmental movement.

And we’ve been up in space and we have fancy pictures and expensive space shuttles. But we can’t live out there. Not now at any rate.

There are an unfathomable number of other planets. Statistically, at least some of them are bound to be life-supporting. If so, they’re not nearby. Scientists don’t have any ideas on how humanity can float around in space breathing and eating and doing nothing after we mess up Earth to the point of evacuation. NASA hasn’t got any other planets up it’s sleeves we can move to.

Look at the sky.

Feel your feet on the ground, and be thankful that it’s there underneath you. Supporting you. Happy to give you everything you need.

We really don’t know when we’ve got it good.

Images from Google Images.



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