Greedy Lying Bastards Trailer

This is the trailer for the provocatively named Greedy Lying Bastards – a documentary film about climate change and skeptics.  I haven’t been able to watch the full movie yet but basically it sets out to explain how climate skepticism has been engineered by energy companies. I’ve heard rumors before that huge companies that rely on  fossil fuel use (like Exxon Mobil … Continue reading


The Issue Attention Cycle

While reading Libby Lester’s Media and Environment as research for an essay, I came across a section where she writes about another author’s work which I found very interesting. Published back in 1972, Anthony Down’s book is called Up and Down With Ecology – The Issue Attention Cycle. He theorized that any ecological issue goes through a … Continue reading


On Higher Education

I’ve come now to the end of a certain chapter of my life, and the beginning of another. I’ve been anticipating university for over two years now and last week I finally went through my induction to the University of Brighton. Today is the start of the teaching term, and my first lecture is in approximately thirty eight minutes. For that … Continue reading