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Sign to end fossil fuel subsidies!

Click the above link to sign an incredibly important, indeed vital, petition.

Basically the world’s governments outrageously give out roughly a trillion pounds per year to the big oil and coal companies that are driving us towards runaway unstoppable climate chaos. President Obama apparently wants to end this and is chairing a meeting in 3 days of a few of the world’s most powerful leaders. The proposal is to divert this mammoth sum of money away from polluters and into investment in renewable energy instead. If it is agreed upon, can you imagine what an enormous turn around that would be?

The brilliant website Avaaz has put out this online petition and it has over 600 thousand signers. There’s a little feature where you can see each new name popping up on the screen one after another, constantly, from all over the world. People clearly want this. Their aim is to get it to a million signatures, so please, take a minute from your day to add your voice to the mix. The reason governments do nothing about this is because they want to protect the status quo and are scared of being unpopular and voted out. Cowardly but true. So let them know we all want a green future for this planet!

Click the above link and sign sign sign!

Reblog this, tell your friends, link to the petition on facebook, twitter or anything like that. Spread the word!



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