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Sign to end fossil fuel subsidies! Click the above link to sign an incredibly important, indeed vital, petition. Basically the world’s governments outrageously give out roughly a trillion pounds per year to the big oil and coal companies that are driving us towards runaway unstoppable climate chaos. President Obama apparently wants to end this and is chairing a meeting in … Continue reading


Green Gas – An Oxymoron No Longer

Ecotricity, the green energy company that generates electricity from windmills, is working on producing what they call “green gas”. It’s basically methane which is produced by bacteria carrying out anaerobic respiration as they digest organic waste in an oxygen-free environment. This process is often a problem, such as with the farming of livestock, because the … Continue reading


Bolivia Gives Earth Rights

The South American country Bolivia is giving the Earth rights equal to those attributed to humans. Backed by politicians and environmental organisations, this radical milestone in law is set to trigger huge conservation efforts. The indigenous culture of the country sees the planet Earth as a living entity, a deity called Pachamama – which is … Continue reading