Ecuador’s sharing economy

Great post by Make Wealth History about something very impressive Ecuador is doing.
There are alternatives to the neoliberal growth model!

The Earthbound Report

Not every country in the world is in hock to GDP growth the way that Britain is. More balanced views are out there on the margins, where growth takes its place as one metric among many – not irrelevant, but not “the government’s number one priority” as Gordon Brown declared it to be when he was PM. I’ve mentioned Thailand’s sufficiency economy before, or Bhutan‘s experiment in Gross National Happiness. To that we can add another: Ecuador.

In 2007 Ecuador began an interesting experiment – a national development plan for good living. It’s based around social justice, participation, diversity, sustainability and human wellbeing. It specifically rejects the Washington Consensus and neoliberal economics, and redefines development as ‘good living’.

“Good Living is based on a vision that surpasses the narrow confines of quantitative economicism and challenges the notion of material, mechanic and endless accumulation of goods. Instead the…

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