Happy Birthday Earth Baby!

WordPress informs me that Earth Baby is 2 years old today!

It may be a small achievement compared to the mega-blogs that have been going for years and have thousands of subscribers, but for my part I’m incredibly proud of myself for actually keeping up with this hobby. Before I started blogging I was much more fickle, and would constantly be starting projects and then leaving them in the dust after a short burst of activity. I secretly thought Earth Baby might see the same fate, but 2 years on I’m still as excited as ever about this little internet haven.

I really do think internet publishing is such a fantastic invention. I love writing, and I love doing things on my own terms. The fact that I can essentially publish my own work for free, and have people from all around the globe reading it for free, is a really empowering concept. Updating this blog makes me happy and gives me a sense of purpose in my everyday life. I may not have thousands of readers yet, but the fact that I have any readers – who might be inspired by my words – is to me a great achievement.

Here’s to many years of writing and the revolution I can feel brewing with every day.

Tegan Tallullah x


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Earth Baby!

  1. Happy Anniversary, Tegan. I am so glad you stuck with your writing on Earth Baby, I look forward to your posts and your point of view. I have learned so much from you that I hope you continue for many years to come.


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