The Environmentalist/Energy Tycoon Alliance?

Not my image.

Beautiful wind turbines. Not my image.

I personally really don’t like the big energy companies. I’d quite like to see them crash and burn. Individual satisfaction aside, it turns out that’s not particularly likely nor as good as it sounds. This is because:

  • They will fight tooth and claw against carbon regulations, and are in fact already doing this. And they have a lot of political sway. 
  • If they did collapse, due to not being able to burn their reserves, this would trigger a huge economic crash, plunging us into an international depression. The recession that began in 2008 will look like a hiccup in comparison.

So as much as I’d love to see ExxonMobil, BP and the rest go bust, the consequences would be awful.
This fact has caused me to think of an idea that could arguably be described as environmental treason.

Teaming up with the bad guys.

Yes, I did just say that. I think we need to persuade the CEOs of the big energy companies that they can make as much, f*ck it, more – money from investing in clean renewable energy. An energy revolution is already brewing and bubbling, but if they got involved it’d be done and dusted in like half a decade.

The down side is loads of ethically-void, selfish, undeserving millionaires would carry on being rich.

The up side is these guys have the funds to roll out renewable energy systems throughout the whole world really quickly. This would sort out our unsustainable energy insecurity, mitigate climate change massively, create millions of green jobs and prevent an unfathomable amount of pollution. And avert an economic crash. In fact, it’d be great for the economy.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Unfortunately though, another issue is this could quash small ethical companies like Ecotricity and Good Energy. That’d be rubbish. I mean, they’re vision would be realised but the wrong people would be profiting from it. I wonder if there’s any way around that?

And what do you think, am I crazy to suggest such an alliance?

Sun farm. Not my image.

Sun farm. Not my image.



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