A Post-Growth Economy FAQ

Growth is outdated and unsustainable as a driving goal of economics. Various writers and think-tanks have been chatting about what some call a ‘steady-state economy’ or ‘post-growth economy’. I prefer the second term, as it brings to mind something more advanced and modern, rather than something static. This post by Make Wealth History is the best summary of the concept I’ve ever seen. Bring it on!

The Earthbound Report

Behind the problems of climate change, resource depletion and biodiversity loss, not to mention a fair degree of injustice, is our pursuit of economic growth. It is the driver behind ever increasing consumption, and we will never achieve a sustainable society without addressing the issue of growth.

There is one compelling, and in my opinion inevitable, solution to growth – learning to live without it. But what does a post-growth economy look like?

This is my attempt to answer some of the common questions around this new economy. If you’ve got a question that I haven’t covered, add it as a comment and we’ll discuss it together.

Does a sustainable economy mean an end to progress and change?
‘I don’t want to live in an economy where everything is the same, where progress is halted and human creativity is stifled’, is a common response to post-growth theories. I agree absolutely…

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3 thoughts on “A Post-Growth Economy FAQ

  1. Tegan, that was a great article. I hope to see those kinds of changes come in my lifetime. My childhood was very similar we had corner stores that carried just a few selections, and everything we needed was within walking distance of my home. Most things were repaired by a neighborhood repair shop as well.

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed it, and I hope these changes come soon as well! I find it crazy thinking about how much things have changed in such a short time… I I like the idea of taking the best bits of loads of different worldviews as well as times. We’ll need to return to many aspects of the past, such as the repair shops that you remember, as well as modern ideas and technologies…

      • Regan, I graduated from high school in 1981, at that time we still didn’t have home delivery of pizza or any other foods, we still had a corner store and repair shops. The big ball was less than 10 years old. No one I knew had personal computers answering machines, VCR, or many of the other conveniences. Cable television wasn’t available for another year. Looking at it that way, the world changed on hyper speed.


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