Greedy Lying Bastards Trailer

This is the trailer for the provocatively named Greedy Lying Bastards – a documentary film about climate change and skeptics.  I haven’t been able to watch the full movie yet but basically it sets out to explain how climate skepticism has been engineered by energy companies. I’ve heard rumors before that huge companies that rely on  fossil fuel use (like Exxon Mobil for example) have funded false ”scientific” studies in order to portray climate change as a ”hoax”. And then you get people who think they’re being all ”independent” because they’re not jumping on the ”climate bandwagon”. Euuugh it makes me sick.

When I hear people being all like ”it’s not happening” I just want to shake them. I mean, it’s great to question everything. But to think you know better than hundreds of respected scientists (the IPCC) when you’re not even one scientist, is frankly arrogant. Not to mention most skeptics don’t even have dodgy evidence, let alone decent evidence. And to the small portion of lunatics that think climate change is a conspiracy by the government, let me just say this. The governments of most Western countries are trying quite hard to ignore climate change, because it’s very costly and annoying for them. They aren’t getting anything out of it! Skeptics are highly deluded and in a serious case of denial.

Anyway I’m looking forward to having more light shed on this, and I’m happy this documentary is going to be shown in mainstream cinemas.

Sorry for the impromptu rant, I hope you have a lovely day. ~


2 thoughts on “Greedy Lying Bastards Trailer

  1. Rant any time, Tegan. I have come to the conclusion that those who believe the skeptics do so because they want to believe things won’t have to change for them and they can continue to live as they have been doing.


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