EU Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics

This is such fantastic news that I can barely believe it! To be honest I feel a bit out of the loop because I was really involved in animal rights and anti-vivisection when I was younger but haven’t really looked into it for a while. I didn’t know the EU was even close to doing this but I’m¬†absolutely¬†thrilled that they are. Subjecting animals to basically torture merely for new cosmetics products is just plain wrong. I’m so happy I might have to go (cruelty-free) make-up shopping to celebrate!


4 thoughts on “EU Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics

    • I know right! As the original article said, there are 500 million consumers in Europe so the US-based cosmetics companies will want to put they’re goods into that market… So I think this is a huge step in the right direction!

      • I can’t agree more, but with the US it seems they will do one thing to sell abroad and another for it’s own citizens. I gave up using any make up a while back, with the very rare exception being mascara. The last time I wore it was Christmas day so you can see it’s saved for very special occasions only.


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