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Yay Yay Recycling Win

As I said in my last post I’ve discovered my cafe at university, where I work, has recycling bins for plastic bottles and drinks cans. Since then I’ve been using them (nobody else seems to) but nobody’s been emptying them. Since I started using them I’ve literally seen every bottle and can I’ve put in there piling up, and today I noticed they’re completely full.

But fear not because I spoke to my boss (Mr Paper Cup and Apathy Man… Sorry, I really should stop calling him that) and to my surprise he said he was organizing getting them collected weekly. He says he’s in the process of talking to the caretakers about it. I hope he’s as on the case as he says he is. The other piece of good news is he said he ”wants to do all sorts of things – like get food waste collection”. YES! Thank god he’s coming round to this. If his walk is as good as his talk we might just be getting somewhere after all. First impressions can be misleading it seems… Let’s hope this eco streak runs more than fluffy-comment-deep!

Hope you’re all doing wonderfully..


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