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The Cleantech Future

I just watched this really interesting 50 minute documentary about clean technology and what it means for our future. Have a look:

I found the founder of Cleantech Group slightly over optimistic, but nevertheless the examples of current new technologies fascinating. Particularly impressive was the Solar Bag, which purifies water with nano technology and sunlight. Top Documentary Film described the documentary like this:

What if we could live in a clean world? A world in which energy would be 100% renewable, water no longer polluted, transportation truly green and production methods clean and regenerative?

It’s great to see examples of a future we can be excited about, and I hope they’re optimism is realized soon!


4 thoughts on “The Cleantech Future

  1. Tegan, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch this documentary. Thank you for sharing this, it seems every day we are faced with the horrors of what we are doing to the planet and here was a little bit of hope that this may change, that my grand children may have a future they can enjoy.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I find it’s a lot easier to find information about the bad stuff than the solutions, which leads many people to think there’s no hope. It’s very sad. I wish more books and especially television shows showcased positive alternatives to the problems and corruptions of the world.This was a refreshing watch!


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