On Higher Education

I’ve come now to the end of a certain chapter of my life, and the beginning of another. I’ve been anticipating university for over two years now and last week I finally went through my induction to the University of Brighton. Today is the start of the teaching term, and my first lecture is in approximately thirty eight minutes. For that reason I’ll keep this short and sweet but I just wanted to quickly have a little enthuse about what I’ll be learning. As I’ve said several times, my BA is in Environment & Media Studies. It’s very exciting because it’s a new and unique course – an interdisciplinary approach that will hopefully equip me for a career in some form of green media. I’m a bit nervous about having to use my mind in an academic manner again after a year of ‘doing whatever I want’ in terms of  intellectual pursuits. I’m worried about meeting the demands of higher education, which I have been told over and over are so much more big and scary and professional than anything you encounter up until that point. But challenges are good for you! And it is exciting to be sure. I’ll get to learn about my fields of interest in a much more in-depth way – I’ll begin to actually know what I’m talking about basically. Prepare for my crazy ideas to be backed up with scientific evidence!

Anyway, here are the modules I’m doing this semester:

  1. Gloabl environmental issues and management
  2. Contempory human geographies
  3. Media, culture and change
  4. Understanding Television

The first three are core modules and the last one was an option I picked out of four. I also wanted to do photographic practise, but you can only do one. I’m joining a photography society though, so hopefully I can learn a bit about it on my own. Something I’m really looking forward to is the community engagement module in the second year – where you are assessed on the quality of a volunteering project within the city for sustainable development. I love that they get the students to get involved in such a hands-on way!

See you soon x



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