Hello again, any lovely people who might be reading! I’m so sorry I haven’t fed my blog for almost a month, but believe me it hasn’t been down to a lack of inspiration or morale. Basically, in my ”about” page it says that I started this blog a year ago to pactise my writing in a gap year before studying my Environment & Media Studies degree at the University of Brighton. Well, ladies and gentlemen, a year has passed and I am now at that stage. Since I last posted, I moved hundreds of miles across my country to a flat in the city and started university. Yesterday was my first day of induction week and I’m typing this in the University library right now. It’s been the most life changing 3 weeks in my life, certainly since my little brother was born and possibly ever. As you might expect, I’ve been very busy – what with setting up a new home, talking to estate agents, trying to make friends and attending induction events, plus general ‘welcome-to-the-real-world’ activities like shopping for sink drainers… It’s funny, I moved in with my boyfriend, and now instead of asking each other if we want to ‘chip in for cider’ it’s become ‘hey do you want to chip in for toilet cleaner and apples?’. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry. So anyway, that’s why I haven’t had time to make any thought provoking posts. But I plan for that to change. My original aim for this blog was for it to be a year long project, untill I started university… And it’s true that my degree must take priority over almost all other aspects of my life now, but I enjoy writing Earth Baby so much that I hope I can carry it on. After all my studies will give me lots of exciting information to enthuse about! I just hope any regular readers can appreciate I won’t have as much time for blogging than I would like from now on. But hey, it’s quality not quantity, right?!

I have to go and listen to a talk from my vice-chancellor now, but when I next get a chance I’ll post a list of the environmental highs and lows of my new home. Have a great day!

My new home – the City by the Sea
From Google images.


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