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Earth Charter Workshops

I wonder whether you read my post about the Earth Charter? If you have, then thanks, and if you haven’t, well it’s basically a set of principles suggested for a peaceful, just and ultimately sustainable global society. It was published in 2000 after a very lengthy and diverse collaboration that was sparked by Rio 1992. It’s an awesome document and I highly recommend reading it. Here’s a direct link. It’s not very long and isn’t written in scary legalese or anything like that.

For those readers who already know and love the work of the Earth Charter Initiative or have now read it and want to know more, then here’s some exciting news: A series of six workshops based on the Charter are scheduled for the second part of this year! They’re dated between the 10th October and the 12th December and are taking place in Clerkenwell, London, UK. The six workshops each cover a separate topic in the over-arching agenda of creating a more fair and happy  global society that lives within the capacity of our home planet – with the Earth  Charter as a set of guiding principles. The topics are as follows:

1. The work and spirit of the Earth Charter

2. Personal journeys- our unique contribution.

3. The natural built environment.

4. GAIA THEORY: ”One Planet” business, science and culture.

5. Interrelatedness, inclusion and diversity.

6. Moving to commitment, action and partnership.

Each session has a presentation by somebody with expertise and experience in the topic being covered, and there are also group discussions and exercises. Apparently the last session also has a ‘celebratory’ element to it, with the sharing of food and other fun. It all sounds very interesting and I would love to attend. Unfortunately, at  £75 or £60 earlybird style, the ticket price is not affordable for me at the moment. Especially as I’d also have to get to London. But I’m aware that it is not actually very expensive and if it was nearer to me and I wasn’t pouring 90% of my income into costs relating to my impending move, then I would probably get tickets.  The Earth Charter Initiative is amazing and I whole heartedly support everything they stand for. I’m happy and inspired that they’re holding these workshops and I hope they have a great turnout. So if you live in London and can afford it, why not go along? As well as the knowledge gained from the actual talks, it would be a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and do some networking.

Click here to buy tickets and view the dates and venue address. If you do go, be sure to tell me all about it!



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