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Green Dreams and Rio+20

The International Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio+20 and the 2012 Earth Summit, is taking place in Brazil this week. There’s already been preparatory meetings and the actual conference is from the 20th to the 22nd of June. I’ve been wondering how it’s all going but even though I’ve been scouring both the official UN website and the unofficial Earth Summit website, I’m struggling to get a clear idea of how they’re progressing. Hopefully once it’s actually started there’ll be proper accessible news updates I can read.

However while I was looking around I found that as part of the preparations for the Conference, this partner website called My Green Dream has been set up. It’s encouraging people around the world to share their ‘green dream’ in a short video and together get a more lucid understanding of what future we collectively want. It’s an admirable project and I love the fact that people are getting this idea of taking stock and asking ‘so where do we want to go from here?’… Next we just need to resources and motivation to actually get there…

Take a look at the website, it’s inspiring and has a beautiful background picture. If you’ve got a minute, you could even get involved and post your own Dream.

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