Look, David Cameron Thinks So Too!

So I’ve recently finished reading The Great Disruption which outlines how the author believes we will experience the end of economic growth some time within the next decade or so, due to the fact we’ve now reached some of the planet’s limits and are about to hit the rest. In my posts The Great Disruption – A Kind of Review and The End of Bigger Is Better I gave my comments on this, and on what could come afterwards.

Now, just a week later, the prime minister of the UK is warning us we could face a decade-long depression! I watched the BBC News last night and it was all bad news and alarm bells about the economy. They said the debt-stricken Greece is not far away from a bank run and the Euro is in trouble. There was exclaims about a halt to growth, which made me sit up and listen, and David Cameron said that if this Euro problem (that I don’t entirely understand) doesn’t get sorted out quickly then Britain could be thrown into a long, non-growing depression. When I went to the shop today the story was emblazoned over every newspaper. I can’t believe this is happening just days after I started musing about pretty much this…

There’s bound to be twists and turns, ups and downs and false alarms, but is this the beginning of the end?



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