Happy Earth Day!

Today it’s the 22nd April 2012, and it’s Earth Day.

Take a moment to really try and truly appreciate the Earth. Isn’t it amazing?

Think of the diversity, the intelligence, the beauty. I think it’s awesome how many different forms life takes. Think of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind, fungus on a tree, a polar bear bashing a hole in the ice to try her paw at catching fish for her hungry cubs. Imagine how different a bamboo forest in China is to a heather-covered mountain-side in Scotland. Or how different India is to LA. Do you know dogs can smell for miles and eagles can see a mouse scamper across grass while they glide high above? Think of the roar of the ocean, the whispering of Autumn leaves, the way the sky sometimes looks like someone’s spilt lava and marshmellows over the sky when the sun goes to bed. Try and wrap your mind around the sheer diversity of life on Earth. And don’t leave human-kind out of it. We may have caused a lot of damage, but for a moment let’s think about the good stuff. Think of the song that makes you smile and dance, the food that makes your mouth water, the painting that makes your eyes worth having, the outfit that makes you feel amazing. Think of your favourite place. Your top ten favourite places. Think of all the places you want to see. Think of your favourite animal, your favourite book, your favourite flower, scent, season, type of weather, artist… Smile. Breath. Appreciate your body, with all it’s internal intelligence and give thanks for your conscious and unlimited mind. The human mind is surely one of the most astounding works of nature…

Let’s put our’s together and nurture and care for this brilliant orb of life? (:

All photos from Google Images. I don’t own any of them.



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