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Journey of the Universe (film)

Good morning.

The other day I came across Journey of the Universe. This 60 minute feature film is the brain child of an evolutionary philosopher and a historian of religions. Doesn’t that already sound eclectic and delicious? From what I can gather it’s pretty much a story starting with the big bang and cosmological shinanagans like that, zooming through Earth’s formation and the emergence and of life, a fair bit of evolution, and culminating with today’s sustainability crisis. Apparently it’s meant to inspire awe for the universe and the Earth, and thus inspire us to have new-found respect for the miracle we call life. Please forgive me if I’ve got this  wrong because I’ve only watched the trailer. It looks fantastic though, I so want to watch it but it costs like $30. (I’m all about the British Sterling personally, but the film is American and I can’t be bothered to translate the currency right now). So anyway I think I’ll buy it when I have the money but it does seem quite a lot…

Here’s the trailer for you to enjoy.

I think it looks really interesting and I’m inspired because I like seeing alternative and ‘new’ kinds of media production such as this.  I like knowing other people are thinking about the same kind of stuff as me. On the website (linked at the top of this post) it says that the film was partly inspired by Thomas Berry’s The New Story – which argues that humanity is in between cultural ‘stories’ at the moment. That the old ‘story’ (world view, paradigm) no longer works, and we haven’t quite figured out a new one yet. I’m pretty interested to see this concept popping up again as I’ve come across it a couple of times before. A book called Spontaneous Evolution mentions paradigms quite a bit, and Rob Hopkins talks a lot about cultural stories and visions of the future in his Transition Handbook… It’s all pretty interesting to be honest. I’m going to give The New Story a read, and I reckon you should join me!



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