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Real Wealth and All That

Above image happily kidnapped from  ‘Essence of Life’ facebook page.

My friend posted this picture-quote on her facebook wall the other day and I thought it was brilliant. So I’m sharing it with you! (At least partially because today is too much of a lazy Sunday for me to write one of the articles brewing in the back of my mind).

Anyway, I think it succinctly captures the point I was attempting to make with my On Wealth and Money post – which you should definitely read by the way. Yes, in this world financial wealth is undoubtedly important, but I think we should start talking about other types of riches as well. Have you ever been in love? Do you have friends who would drop everything to help you when you need it? Do you have a vivid imagination? A sense of humour? Do you have family near-by? Are you good at cheering yourself up? Are you good at mental arithmetic? Can you cook? Can you play guitar? Draw? Juggle?  You emotional millionaire.



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