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The Earth Charter

Last night I found out about something amazing.

It’s this international document called The Earth Charter. I feel it is most succinctly described by the official website:

The Earth Charter is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century.

The Earth Charter Initiative.

It actually made me cry with happiness to read something as bravely ethical as this. It’s formal and intelligent, but definitely readable – no legalese or anything. And the text is free to download in a plethora of languages, and it’s only like 3  pages long. The charter is divided up into four sections, which are labelled Respect and care for the community of life, Ecological Integrity, Economic and social justice, and Democracy, non-violence and peace. Each of  these sections then contains several principles.

The Earth Charter has the support of over 4500 organisations from around the world, including many major internationals and governments. However at the moment it seems to be too radical for my own government’s endorsement…

What I like best about it is that it doesn’t focus solely on environmental issues but addresses social, cultural and economic issues as well. It is the moral framework for a sustainable and much happier future.

Here’s the link to The Earth Charter Initiative website – and you can read the whole document for free HERE.

Read it today and spread the word!


2 thoughts on “The Earth Charter

  1. Hi Tegan,

    I’m glad you discovered the Earth Charter and that you feel inspired by it like tens of thousands of other people around the world. There are loads of ways you can get more involved in helping move society towards a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future.

    First of all, endorse the Earth Charter. Second, check out the Youth page, there’s a very active youth section with people from all over the world. The Youth section just started a blog and they’re looking for contributors and editors. Third, read the action guidelines and see what actions you might take to help spread the word about the Earth Charter.

    You can find all the resources and links at

    The Website is a little messy (soon to be a new design) but still easy to navigate.

    I’m Douglas and I work at Earth Charter International’s Secretariat in Costa Rica. I hope you continue to be inspired and I’m excited to read your words and feel your enthusiasm. Please, let me know if I can be of assistance.

    Saludos from Costa Rica.


    • Hi Douglas, first of all, thank you for reading and commenting! Secondly, thank you for the useful information. I have already endorsed the Earth Charter and had a look at the actions page, but I’m excited to check out this Youth section you mention. I would love to contribute in a blogging capacity if such an opportunity was possible… Will check it out now.

      Thanks again and I’m wishing you strength and energy for your endeavours! xxx


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