The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy – and other books

I’m going to University in September 2012 to study Environment and Media Studies, and am on a gap year at the moment. In the interim I’m planning to read as many related books as I can and generally educate myself in my area of interest as much as possible. Putting together a book list for Christmas was a start, and happily I received two brilliant books I’d like to tell you about.
Firstly,  The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy

I am well aware of the tradition of finishing a book before you review it, so I would like to point out that this is not a review. I just can’t help myself from waxing lyrical about this book.

I’ve just read the introduction and a couple of chapters so far, but it seems fascinating.  It’s so cutting edge. The basis for the book is that we live in uncertain and fast-changing times, and climate change, economic problems, resource depletion, ecological degradation and social issues mean surviving and thriving in the near future will require some skills and attributes that aren’t yet commonplace. Each chapter, written by a different specialist, outlines such a skill, gives some exercises for it’s encouragement, and gives you a list of resources. The skill topics are very diverse, such as advertising awareness, permaculture design, finding meaning without consuming, futures thinking, and many more.

It’s very well written, which is of course so important. Reading is so much more enjoyable when the book’s standard of language surpasses lucid and informative and branches off into eloquent.

I’m very much looking forward to an evening of lying on my bed with this manuscript in hand. I’m sure you’ll be hearing me mention it again soon as I post my comments and thoughts.

If you’d like to buy it, it only costs £15 from Amazon. Or you could even order it from your local bookshop?

My Grandma also gave me a great book that I’m looking forward to reading: Permaculture – Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. It’s a classic which helped inspire the Transition Movement and I know it’s been rated very highly by the movement’s initiator, Rob Hopkins.

After that I really want to get hold of a copy of Small is Beautiful – Economics as if People Mattered which sounds like it could fill in some gaps in my very home-made and patchy understanding of economics.


4 thoughts on “The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy – and other books

  1. Reblogged this on Rblogging and commented:
    Great choice.. Good luck to you. Remember you are the Book and you can educate your self by your self though . go to Google ask for University of Universe . saalam
    rashaa, Vancouver Canada

  2. Hi Tegan, Excellent selection and a great source of knowledge on sustainability. I look forward to reading your review once you have reached the final page. Possibly, we could have you post your review on our site, as a featured author. Keep me posted.

    • Hey John, thanks for commenting! I’d love to do that, when I’ve finished reading it and written a review I could send you a message? I had a look at “The Eco Perspective” and I think it’s brilliant. It’s really informative. I love finding other blogs that are about sustainability issues. xx


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