Here’s something I wrote earlier…

It’s nearing that time of year. I’d like to share with you a column I wrote last year for my college newspaper about Christmas. It’s fairly cynical, but it paves the way for my more positive response this year. Enjoy!

At the time of writing it’s twenty-three days until Christmas. Without a doubt the holiday that comes upon the Western world with the most fan-fare. The most excitement, preparation, expectation.  I mean they start advertising before Halloween has even cooled it’s breath. There’s snow outside – it’ll actually be white this year – and my town has trees up; gaudy coloured lights hanging from thier coniferous stems… Getting ready to be pulled off by drunken chavs at some point during the festive season. That’s why they don’t invest in classy fairy-lights like our more moneyed neighbour, Wells. Apparently. Perhaps they just have no taste and are trying to cover themselves by blaming the innocent youth, who knows.

Yet despite everything, even the unusually traditional weather, I feel completely unenthused.  I was more interested in yesterday’s dentist appointment than Christ’s 2010 birthday party. It really shouldn’t be this way, but I can’t help it. I really can’t bring myself to care.

It’s probably just me being cynical, but what if it’s not? What if Christmas is actually getting old?  I mean, it’s pretty much the same every year. You buy stuff, you eat a lot, you see your family, you sing songs, you get given loads of crap you don’t need, and then you tidy up and start planning what to do for New Year’s. Every year, the same thing, and it’s so commercial these days. It seems like it’s more a boon to the Useless Commodity industry than the heartfelt festival of light it’s meant to be. When I think of it, all I think of is how much money I need to spend buying my loved ones gifts. I’m feeling guilty that I’m stressing out about something that’s meant to be the physical reprisentation of my love for my friends, family, significant other. The stress seems to cancel out the love. Or at lest I’m worried it does.

Maybe I should just chill out and bake them all some cakes or something?

December 2010, Ledger

My next post is about hand-making gifts that are creative, cheap, eco-friendly and personal.



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