Joining the Transition

If you don’t know what the Transition Movement is, then go to either my post about it or the official website.

There, now you know I can get started.

You see I’m very busy doing nothing much at the moment. Even though I only have a part-time job, and that apart from that this blog is the only truly constructive thing I do with my time, my days still seem very full somehow. And I don’t even lie around on a sofa eating crisps and watching TV. Crisps make me feel ill and I don’t have a TV. (I do like sofas though). I’m not sure what I do so much of, but what I am sure of is that often, at the end of the day I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much.

By joining in with my Transition Town, I’m trying to rectify that. I’m on a gone-slightly-wrong gap year anyway, I want to do something useful. I want to achieve something. And what’s more useful than building resilience in your local community and navigating a non-disasterous energy decent?

Last year I did get involved in my town’s group for a while, but I took on a bit too much (I started a Fashion and Textiles group) and then had to drop it because I had A-Level exams. But now I have no exams and lots of time and enthusiasm for action!

What I love about the Transition concept is how positive and proactive it is. As a self-labelled environmentalist, I think it’s a 100 times better to get up and start building the world you want, than to complain and campaign about the world you’re scared of getting. I also like how broad it is. It’s accessible to all sorts of people, not just treehuggers that were converted anyway.

So I’ve sent a “I want to be involved I will do lots of good stuff” email, and am now sitting on the edge of my chair with suspense.

Why don’t you get involved in your local Transition group too? It’s spreading all over the world, and if you don’t have as much time as me you can do as little as you like. I’m sure they’d still like to have you. Click here to see where your nearest initiative is.

Bring on the Transition!


2 thoughts on “Joining the Transition

  1. Definitely keep us posted about your Transition activities. I plugged in my city into the website and nothing came up. We have an org called 15,000 Farmers that teaches people how to grow their own food. The ultimate goal there is local sustainability. I plan to join up with them soon.


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