Window Farms

This is a window farm. A hydroponic creation involving a lot of plastic bottles hanging in your window with fresh food growing out of them. You should go to


to find out more about them. Hydroponics has never been my cup of tea, I have to say, only because I prefer the more natural and well, down to earth feel of the Earth. But Window Farms originated in Brooklyn, where gardens are a privilege a lot of apartment dwellers don’t have, and there’s no denying these are innovative. There’s a whole online community to support the worldwide network of urban food growers.

It’s proactive, and I like that. In big cities there isn’t room for community gardens so here is a fantastic example of people taking what they have a making use of it.

(All images from the official website linked to above).


4 thoughts on “Window Farms

  1. I love this too, for apartment dwellers who want the joy of growing their own food, and who don’t have access to their own green spaces. I saw a video about this a few months ago. I hope it really catches on!


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