In my last post, I wrote about cute ‘product image’ and use of humour making green products more lovable and successful. And of course you can’t really talk about this cutesy friendly style of marketing without mentioning who brought it to popularity: Innocent Smoothies.

I love Innocent smoothies. They have adorable ingredients lists reassuring the noble drinker that there are no rubber ducks or kitchen sinks inside, and I am instructed to “shake it, baby” before I open the carton. And not to mention, they’re verrryy delicious, especially the banana and strawberry. Mmm.

And yet, I didn’t put them in my list of favourite green brands because they aren’t organic, and I feel they should be, and that this lack threatens their innocent status, if you will. Also selling smoothies to McDonald’s was a bit of a sin.

So as you can tell, I was under the impression they didn’t do much in the way of championing respect for the environment. But happily, their website reflects otherwise. Take a look at their ethics page. They actually do all sorts of stuff like using recycled plastic for their bottles, using renewable energy in their offices and donating 10% of profits to the Innocent Foundation, which funds rural development projects in the countries they get their fruit from. How good is that? I must say my opinion of them is very much improved and they may even of earned themselves an honorary place in my list. I bet they’d be thrilled.



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