Bright green and rolling in it

There’s this bizarre thing where all too often you see really ethical innovative things that just aren’t that successful because their marketing, packaging, advertising and general PR just aren’t very good. It’s really annoying. I think it’s because they’re run by people who have admirable passion but little business skill.

Anyway, here are my favourite brands that have decent eco credentials AND top it off with coolness. Enjoy.


Man, this is the closest anyone can get to being excited about laundry detergent. I just love the way their website is so clean and cool, and their ‘How to Use’ video is beautiful. They are all smug about having this fancy ‘smart clean technology’ which I’ll admit I don’t entirely understand, but what it means is it’s super concentrated- you have enough for 50 loads of laundry in one little bottle and of course that makes it greener because you’re generally using less stuff. And their totally transparent about their ingredients, which I wish more people were, and 95% of them are natural and renewable. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable (none of that nasty water pollution) and they have a cute and helpful squirty pump thing. This is the future.

Booja Booja 

First of all, they’re called Booja Booja. That’s enough to make them awesome. Also their icecream and truffles are mouth wateringly delicious, I especially recommend the raspberry chocolates. They’re all vegan and organic, and they don’t ever sell to supermarkets because they find them unethical. What I love most though, is that in the boxes of chocolates they have these little ‘boojagram’ cards, that say things like “The universe is an illusion created by women with balloons”. And before you ask, yes, I do collect them.


Remarkable are a fantastic company. They make gorgeous stationary like the above notebook from recycled materials like tyres, plastic bottles and waste cardboard. This is why i recycle, being able to see something good and worthwhile coming of it like this. And they’re famous for their conversational quips dancing along rulers and telling you to ‘send me back to my maker’. I might buy one of these today actually I need a new Ideas Book.

Life’s Not Fair But My Knickers Are

I have some pajamas from this company and they’re so pretty and soft and comfortable. As you can most likely tell by the name, all their underwear is made from fair trade cotton, which is of course a very good thing. (Incidentally I wrote a very relevant article for my college paper on cotton recently, I’ll post it). I like them because they haven’t fallen into the trap many fairtrade clothing labels do of over doing the wholesome look. Their website has professional looking models doing shoots for the different collections, pulling seductive poses over vintage tables full of dainty china. I like that.

And there we go. Can I just say that when I first wrote this post (waiting for the bus) I intended it to be a ‘Top 5’ affair, but soon came to the sad conclusion I don’t have a number 5 that fits the criteria for me. See this is what I mean, we need more- humour and prettiness wins people over, there’s no denying it.If you know of any other commercial flashes of genius I don’t know about please, don’t hesitate to tell me.



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