Eco-friendly Tesco? Really?

So as I said, I wanted to find out more about my approaching megastore, and after some googling I found this article. Take a read:


Hmm. They fact that they’re saying they’ll have a rainwater harvesting system and double glazing and etc clearly shows times are changing, and that’s a great sign. Even a small improvement by a large company has a big effect, and what they’re planning for the infrastructure of the store is not even a little improvement.

But can Tesco ever be described as eco-friendly? I’m very dubious to that. The multinational as a whole causes so much damage unrelated to it’s individual stores, such as funding deforestation in the Amazon, that it’s attempts at sustainability, like degradable carrier bags, seem like greenwash.

It’s still good they’re doing it though. It’s just you can’t call it “eco-friendly”. “Less bad” might be a better way to describe it. Anyway, I guess they do have a point about unemployment being a problem around here. But it always drives me a little bit crazy when thinking about the lack of jobs problem, because there is just SO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE. In terms of reworking almost every part of Western society, from retrofitting all the houses to massive tree planting projects, there’s so much to do. But a lot of this important stuff is mostly done by volunteers while 23% of the UK working-age population* rush around trying to find a job. Very silly. Well some of them can go and work in this new Tesco I guess.

*Statistic from:  http://www.hrmguide.co.uk/jobmarket/unemployment.htm



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