Looks Like We’re Getting A Tesco

I’m not very good at judging time, so I couldn’t tell you when, but some time earlier this year there was a proposal for a new Tesco store to be built in my home town.

A lot of people were, shall I say, displeased with the idea. After all we already have a Co-op, a Morrison’s, a Properjob, and a Sainsbury’s and Lidl on the outskirts. And Tesco’s on both sides in our neighbouring towns.

We have all we need in the way of supermarkets. It is a very small town that takes pride in its quirky array of small independent shops, and people said a new Tesco would damage their business potential by out pricing them. It takes a strong will and a suicidal purse to continually pay twice the price for an item, day after day. We didn’t want that temptation.

There were petitions, which I signed, and local news articles, which I’ll be honest – I didn’t bother to read, and general hoo-ha took place. They seemed to back down, and I heard nothing more about it. Then suddenly, the other day I saw a headline announcing “decision day for Tesco”, which surprised me a little. Then another headline today: “New Tesco Approved”.


Seems positively cheeky, to wait several months after everyone was up in arms, giving the illusion of success, and then to just do it anyway. I endeavour to find out more about this.



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